SDRR Accomplishments

  • The SDRR Policies and Procedures Subcommittee worked in partnership with the Sheriff’s Department to create a video loop that will be shown throughout the day in jails. This will allow individuals preparing to release to find out more about services available to them.  It can be found by clicking here:  Video Loop
  • Designed and implemented the SB 618 Prisoner Reentry Program
  • Designed and implemented the Local Reentry Program
  • Presented white paper related to reentry to the governor’s office and legislators
  • Developed partnership with the San Diego City Gang Commission
  • Created a public health toolkit:
  • Developed and facilitated expungement/Certificate of Rehabilitation workshops
  • Coordinated and presented a job readiness workshop at Richard J. Donovan Detention Facility

Additional Information:

The Housing and Transportation Subcommittee created a fall newsletter, published late 2020, which can be accessed by clicking here: New Bill Would Provide Released Prisoners With a State ID or Driver’s License – California Globe

Each year, the SD Reentry Roundtable publishes a White Paper, outlining its stance on reentry.  To access the latest one, please click here.  

The link below will allow you to check status on bills: