The San Diego Re-entry Roundtable is to promote the safe and successful return of formerly incarcerated to our community.

In the past several years, reentry has emerged as a major issue at the national, state, and local level. The incarceration and return of large numbers of individuals, with their associated public health concerns, affect many neighborhoods already plagued by high crime rates, poverty, and residential mobility. Most currently incarcerated in our jails and prison will return to the neighborhoods they came from, poorly equipped to deal with family, work, or the stresses of daily life. Reentry is a community concern that affects us all.

With funding from the Price Family Charitable Fund, San Diego Community Foundation, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, local policymakers, practitioners, and researchers came together in April 2002 to discuss reentry in San Diego. Participants agreed that reentry should include: pre- and post-release assistance; help for families; creating community networks and educating the public to strengthen the commitment reentry.

The Roundtable meets every third Tuesday of the month.


San Diego Reentry Roundtable Overview:

The Roundtable is comprised of representatives from correctional institutions, law enforcement, faith-based and community-based organizations, governmental agencies, local planning members, universities, community members, formerly incarcerated individuals, and concerned citizens. Anyone interested in improving reentry can participate.

The Roundtable provides a forum for everyone involved in the criminal legal system — including formerly incarcerated individuals, their families, and the general public – to come together in meaningful dialogue about reentry. We are concerned with reentry throughout the County, from our jails and prisons to our adult and juvenile institutions. The mission of the San Diego Reentry Roundtable is:

To promote the safe and successful return of offenders to our community

We are currently working on:

  • On reviewing and evaluating legislation related to reentry.
  • To share resources and educate the public to strengthen the commitment to reentry.
  • To understand the reentry process for all formerly incarcerated individuals returning to San Diego County.
  • To be a clearinghouse for “best practices” in reentry and advocate for their use.
  • To participate in statewide coalition networking.

For information, contact sdreentryroundtable@gmail.com.